Monday, August 26, 2013

Heloo...such a long time isn't? Is not that I've forgotten this crap blog but I just didn't update anything. I think I've lost my ability to type. Lol. Anyway, just a random update for let you know that im still alive lol. and fyi I am very active in playing Instagram..oh I love this social network so much that mostly I spend my time instagram-ing all the time. I love scrolling and seeing people art on photography and their pretty picture who was sometimes beyond imagination.  Ah! I spoke about insta so much.

And urgh I still have two weeks holiday before a new semester  begin. Frankly speaking, I can't wait for the new semester because we have so much thing that was already planned but there are also problems that need to br solve. Same problem every semester begin..

I thought I have so many things to write since I didn't write for such a long time but now im totally blanked!! whatever..anything just find me on

Bye!! Till then..

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Welcoming December !

In hometown right now, it was damn cold in here and the atmosphere that i missed so much. It was almost a month i didn't go back home and i'm so glad to be here because i need a fresh air to breath in and out. Sometimes i really want to run away from the city, fuck city very busy until i can't calmed my mind down!
Frankly speaking, i don't like being in here if no one of my sibling back home too, because i fell empty and alone. Mom and dad always busy and sometimes when i got home they r not at home.*sigh* Its alright coz im okay if im alone.*win*!

And yeah! I didn't aware too November already comes to an end! Why so fast ah?, next month year 2013 edy! But i am glad that November has already finished! Nov wasn't very good to me, it threats me really bad and it made me started to hate Nov. Two incident hit me in November thats why i don't like it.(anymore)

First incident:
Last two weeks, i hit into the road divider and my tires got  punctured by damn sharp wire. And it cost me a lot of money to bought and replaced the tires (quite a lot for me coz im student and i dont have an income yet). Suck the road and me too coz didn't pay attention while driving. Okay this one i take it as an experience and teaching.

Second incident;
Yesterday, when im on the way went to inanam i stopped by at stesen minyak (went to cimb bank) in likas opposite to the servay likas. When i returned, the car cannot start..i try try try try and try but failed! Okay, i didn't get panicked because i used to it( the pancit tayar incident). Im calmed down myself first then i call my bf (1st person cross in my mind), but why in the hell i called him when he at ranau and can't do anything.=.=
After that i called my brother, luckily he don't have class that time and very kind too went to see her precious sister without any argument like we always did =.=.

There so many people passed by and went to fill their tank and tried to looked at me just in case i need their help but i acted like nothing happen to my car, and pretend like im waiting for someone. Lol. I just dont wanna wasted their time to checked my car. I preferred the closest family and friends to help me out. (Still in trauma with Late Norikoh's murdered cases.)

After some checking and with the help of some guys that offered help (Big thanks to them), the real problem found and  my car battery was actually weak already. The only solution during that time is to jumper the battery so that the engine can start until i got home. Pity them coz susah payah tolak the car. In the same day, my money flies again to bought a new battery. :( but its better than don't have car.

Having a car is good  actually but only in a certain way, its bring more disadvantage instead. Economic of life as a student is increase. Now, i am pokai already T_T...Hopefully can get sponsor by someone to buy a dress for christmas eve. Brother are u read this? ^^

So, December please be nice to me but no worries i can put my trust on u because u always threat me so nicely. I'll left behind all bad things in November and past month as well, lets this December heals everything. I love Christmas and so do u i bet. It bring me joy, happiness and blessed.^_^

#Just in case u forgot my face, here is my 1st Dec appearance.
Taken on 1st Dec 2012, at simpang Kota Belud-Ranau


Sunday, November 11, 2012

The real hospitality event.

Long time no blogging, i am lacked of time. Too many works to be done and need to submit at the very short time. Maybe because now i am second year and there was a lot work compared before. Nothing special anyway, just live my life normally but here is the only difference, my life have been way better than before this coz now i am driving a car go to school. No more waiting bus, no more sempit2 in the bus, no more penat jalan kaki. Quite happy and very thankful to my brother too!

Deco my car with liverpool's accessori.
#tonite gonna have match between lvpool n chelsit. Good luck my team!

Okay, the purpose i blog tonight is wanna promote u guys about our hospitality carnivals on 19th Nov 2012 and will be held on Dewan canselori UMS. Do come and visit my group's booth coz my group will be present the real spa treatment and enviroment. Theres gonna have a nail art, spa treatment and massage treatment as well (in my booth lah). But theres a lot lot activities will be held and sales, games and etc will be include too. The event will be start from 8am to 11pm. There will be a concert also at night if im not mistaken. So, anyone who in KK do visit us to enjoy and feel the real hospitality.  See you there. Tq tq! :)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

We choose to be different and that's make our relationship last longer. It's still on the way but will make sure to find the way to end it with the way we want and everyone expect. Yup, this is it. Thank you for being my very best bestfriend and boyfriend. Thank you for always being care and concern for whatever matter and problem. 
"I am not finding the perfect man but the right man is much enough for me."

Monday, October 8, 2012


It's feel like a decade i didn't blog, why i am so lazy ah? I always wanted/thought when i goes home i will surely blog tonight but i ended up blog nothing. As i already start my new semester in Ums, so i a bit busy to handle and solve my problem here, the biggest problem is about hostel.The managment  system here in UMS is totally like a shit! Sorry to say but its a fact. I know i shouldn't complain but when it comes to this i think i should complain.
Here is the matter, i didn't get hostel to live in this semester coz ums are to 'big' to accept 5k plus new students cause all the kolej2 was full. So then i sent a surat rayuan to apply hostel. Its like a month already i sent out the letter. But no respond! So i went to hep perumahan and asked them, but they asked me again to go to hep kolej2 to ask the kekosongan bilik. wth! I didn't complain much, i go to all kolej in ums and in two kolej i went i got rude respond from them. wtf!! Same with the hep perumahan, again they asked me to go to hep perumahan to apply. Stupid hor! They made us like 'main tarik tali' saja ni!! Buang minyak saja i drove and muka tebal tanya but i didn't get a good respond! at least give us some suggestion how to handle lah not act stupid and makan gaji buta like that.
Luckily, one of hep kolej usia at 1b give us suggestion and calm us down. Feel bit okay already after that. But then again he asked us to go to hep perumahan. Why always we asked to go there if they cannot do anything but just sit at their chair watching tv, etc. Frustrated!! And one thing more, here got one new kolej will open soon located at angkasa apartment in mengatal. The renovation is ongoing, and estimate it will be open in the end of october. So, that pegawai hep at usia 1b suggest us to go to hep perumahan try to apply there, but then this lady told us that the kolej is only for male. Wtf!! Two kolej is especially just for male with the fact that female students in ums is more than male student!!! I really don't know/understand the system here. This one i still can accept!
But whats make me temper more is..okay finally with the help i get a room at this kolej. Felt a bit happy already without knowing the real situation. This guy already warning me that the room is not enough furniture and sempat told me to pandai2 la berdikari! I thought maybe only dun have tilam or kipas or kerusi or meja but when i go there to look that room, i was like @@!!!! How in the hell human will live in this room?!! even animal maybe can't survive!! The pintu is totally broken, hangkang, lubang sana sini, and when i enter the room i was like OMG! all furniture is totally hangkang, the room is so smelly, no langsir, no tilam, kerusi, meja. No almari either! the katil also broken. it was so dirty and smelly. God, i cannot live in. Apa guna i pay yuran if the condition is like that?! hah!
FYI, i already made a complaint and report. They told me to come again this monday and see what they can do. So, hope have improvement and renovation. I am still waiting, if today nothing happen, i will thinking again to stay there or not.

*i am sorry to mentioned it here but i think the management system really need an improvement. They should check 1st before letting in student to enter the room.

and sorry no pictures as a proof. once i go there again i will take picture to show u guys.

blogging soon. 

Monday, September 3, 2012

New semester for 2012/2012 will begin very soon, in about one week more i guess. Time is running so damn fast. Three month has passed, holiday is about to finish. It was a very long time for me until i am not ready yet for  facing up assignment, listening to the lecturer, attending lecture, wake up in the morning, get ready, waiting bus, and all uni stuff. Can i have another 1month resting?Lol sigh~

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Twenty one years nao

I've been so lazy until i've left my blog for a few weeks. I am doing nothing actually but since our general Astro had switched to Astro Beyond so i am watching tv all day, like 12hours or until i felt bored. The only channel that i've watched is channel 393 D'ONEhd. I am being addict to Korean drama already, it's so obvious now.sigh-.-

Alright, don't want to talk much. One week had passed when i officially turned to 21years and i only have a time to write about it now. Everybody must be glad to finally turn 21years coz it's giving so many means to ourself. Freedom is one of them, you'll free to do what you really want to do (without ask permission from our parent). Coz me myself really feel that i am finally free to do anything, make decision by own, and go anywhere. Of course we can't do that before 21years. But the reality is, we still have to care about our parent, we still can't do anything randomly.

But i am glad that i have parent that is really taking care of me until i've become like what i am right now. I am really thankful to them coz no matter what they're still support me and giving me courage and whatever i want.
Thought bout this really push me to work hard and get a better job so that i can pay them later.

I also glad coz i still can celebrate my birthday this year with my family, friend and lover. Again, my boyfriend sponsored all the birthday celebration. I felt guilty coz i didn't do anything during his birthday but "dear wait till i get a job then i belanja u makan banyak-banyak until u have buruyut."And the present you gave to me was unexpected. A big thank you dear. Seriously, i'll keep my promise to belanja u makan.
Below are all  pictures taken during my birthday, it was so simple but it's really meaningful, full of joy and of course memorable.
Warning; lots of photo, loading will be so slow.
let's the photo do tell the stories.

My adorable niece, she really know how to make you smile and laugh. Very friendly to everyone.
Untie miss you baby.

Party bday is incomplete without bbq.
le bf played piano. amatur, opps!

le brother oso amatur but still kc hidup suasana.


Birthday cake, fruit cocktail. haven't tasted my own bday cake. sigh

le mom

le sister

le dad

le third brother

le friend

"if i was ur girlfriend, never let you go" - remix boyfriend by jb.

the end.

I am so excited to finally turned 21 years but i know that i still have a long journey to through. And age is just a number orang bilang, belum tua lg tapi baru permulaan hidup sebenar.

Today is 29 august, that means 1week and half to go before new semester is begin. I can't wait but in the same time i also worried about where i am going to stay next sem. sigh sigh sighhhhh! If anyone got information about apartment/room for rent in area near ums please let me know. thanks, but make sure it is  cheap one. thank u.
till then ^^