Sunday, December 2, 2012

Welcoming December !

In hometown right now, it was damn cold in here and the atmosphere that i missed so much. It was almost a month i didn't go back home and i'm so glad to be here because i need a fresh air to breath in and out. Sometimes i really want to run away from the city, fuck city very busy until i can't calmed my mind down!
Frankly speaking, i don't like being in here if no one of my sibling back home too, because i fell empty and alone. Mom and dad always busy and sometimes when i got home they r not at home.*sigh* Its alright coz im okay if im alone.*win*!

And yeah! I didn't aware too November already comes to an end! Why so fast ah?, next month year 2013 edy! But i am glad that November has already finished! Nov wasn't very good to me, it threats me really bad and it made me started to hate Nov. Two incident hit me in November thats why i don't like it.(anymore)

First incident:
Last two weeks, i hit into the road divider and my tires got  punctured by damn sharp wire. And it cost me a lot of money to bought and replaced the tires (quite a lot for me coz im student and i dont have an income yet). Suck the road and me too coz didn't pay attention while driving. Okay this one i take it as an experience and teaching.

Second incident;
Yesterday, when im on the way went to inanam i stopped by at stesen minyak (went to cimb bank) in likas opposite to the servay likas. When i returned, the car cannot start..i try try try try and try but failed! Okay, i didn't get panicked because i used to it( the pancit tayar incident). Im calmed down myself first then i call my bf (1st person cross in my mind), but why in the hell i called him when he at ranau and can't do anything.=.=
After that i called my brother, luckily he don't have class that time and very kind too went to see her precious sister without any argument like we always did =.=.

There so many people passed by and went to fill their tank and tried to looked at me just in case i need their help but i acted like nothing happen to my car, and pretend like im waiting for someone. Lol. I just dont wanna wasted their time to checked my car. I preferred the closest family and friends to help me out. (Still in trauma with Late Norikoh's murdered cases.)

After some checking and with the help of some guys that offered help (Big thanks to them), the real problem found and  my car battery was actually weak already. The only solution during that time is to jumper the battery so that the engine can start until i got home. Pity them coz susah payah tolak the car. In the same day, my money flies again to bought a new battery. :( but its better than don't have car.

Having a car is good  actually but only in a certain way, its bring more disadvantage instead. Economic of life as a student is increase. Now, i am pokai already T_T...Hopefully can get sponsor by someone to buy a dress for christmas eve. Brother are u read this? ^^

So, December please be nice to me but no worries i can put my trust on u because u always threat me so nicely. I'll left behind all bad things in November and past month as well, lets this December heals everything. I love Christmas and so do u i bet. It bring me joy, happiness and blessed.^_^

#Just in case u forgot my face, here is my 1st Dec appearance.
Taken on 1st Dec 2012, at simpang Kota Belud-Ranau


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