Sunday, November 11, 2012

The real hospitality event.

Long time no blogging, i am lacked of time. Too many works to be done and need to submit at the very short time. Maybe because now i am second year and there was a lot work compared before. Nothing special anyway, just live my life normally but here is the only difference, my life have been way better than before this coz now i am driving a car go to school. No more waiting bus, no more sempit2 in the bus, no more penat jalan kaki. Quite happy and very thankful to my brother too!

Deco my car with liverpool's accessori.
#tonite gonna have match between lvpool n chelsit. Good luck my team!

Okay, the purpose i blog tonight is wanna promote u guys about our hospitality carnivals on 19th Nov 2012 and will be held on Dewan canselori UMS. Do come and visit my group's booth coz my group will be present the real spa treatment and enviroment. Theres gonna have a nail art, spa treatment and massage treatment as well (in my booth lah). But theres a lot lot activities will be held and sales, games and etc will be include too. The event will be start from 8am to 11pm. There will be a concert also at night if im not mistaken. So, anyone who in KK do visit us to enjoy and feel the real hospitality.  See you there. Tq tq! :)

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