Monday, October 8, 2012


It's feel like a decade i didn't blog, why i am so lazy ah? I always wanted/thought when i goes home i will surely blog tonight but i ended up blog nothing. As i already start my new semester in Ums, so i a bit busy to handle and solve my problem here, the biggest problem is about hostel.The managment  system here in UMS is totally like a shit! Sorry to say but its a fact. I know i shouldn't complain but when it comes to this i think i should complain.
Here is the matter, i didn't get hostel to live in this semester coz ums are to 'big' to accept 5k plus new students cause all the kolej2 was full. So then i sent a surat rayuan to apply hostel. Its like a month already i sent out the letter. But no respond! So i went to hep perumahan and asked them, but they asked me again to go to hep kolej2 to ask the kekosongan bilik. wth! I didn't complain much, i go to all kolej in ums and in two kolej i went i got rude respond from them. wtf!! Same with the hep perumahan, again they asked me to go to hep perumahan to apply. Stupid hor! They made us like 'main tarik tali' saja ni!! Buang minyak saja i drove and muka tebal tanya but i didn't get a good respond! at least give us some suggestion how to handle lah not act stupid and makan gaji buta like that.
Luckily, one of hep kolej usia at 1b give us suggestion and calm us down. Feel bit okay already after that. But then again he asked us to go to hep perumahan. Why always we asked to go there if they cannot do anything but just sit at their chair watching tv, etc. Frustrated!! And one thing more, here got one new kolej will open soon located at angkasa apartment in mengatal. The renovation is ongoing, and estimate it will be open in the end of october. So, that pegawai hep at usia 1b suggest us to go to hep perumahan try to apply there, but then this lady told us that the kolej is only for male. Wtf!! Two kolej is especially just for male with the fact that female students in ums is more than male student!!! I really don't know/understand the system here. This one i still can accept!
But whats make me temper more is..okay finally with the help i get a room at this kolej. Felt a bit happy already without knowing the real situation. This guy already warning me that the room is not enough furniture and sempat told me to pandai2 la berdikari! I thought maybe only dun have tilam or kipas or kerusi or meja but when i go there to look that room, i was like @@!!!! How in the hell human will live in this room?!! even animal maybe can't survive!! The pintu is totally broken, hangkang, lubang sana sini, and when i enter the room i was like OMG! all furniture is totally hangkang, the room is so smelly, no langsir, no tilam, kerusi, meja. No almari either! the katil also broken. it was so dirty and smelly. God, i cannot live in. Apa guna i pay yuran if the condition is like that?! hah!
FYI, i already made a complaint and report. They told me to come again this monday and see what they can do. So, hope have improvement and renovation. I am still waiting, if today nothing happen, i will thinking again to stay there or not.

*i am sorry to mentioned it here but i think the management system really need an improvement. They should check 1st before letting in student to enter the room.

and sorry no pictures as a proof. once i go there again i will take picture to show u guys.

blogging soon. 


☆彡Mitchell Cullen said...

mmg teruk butul ne system dorang tau

ღ Sironaidura ღ ツ said...

Totally teruk darl. Heran sy, ketara makan gaji buta. Kebajikan pelajar drg langsung enda peduli. byr yuran mahal2 pula.

Sabrina Iyna said...

teruk jg management tu ums kan..luckily dekat ja ruma kmi mah ni ums...adik sa dgn senang hati kluar dr hostel ni..

ღ Sironaidura ღ ツ said...

iya mmg truk ni darl...syukur la dkt ja ums, x perlu ssh2 lg kn...ada jg ruma ni tp d inanam, jauh o mau pg kls hri2..huhu