Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Twenty one years nao

I've been so lazy until i've left my blog for a few weeks. I am doing nothing actually but since our general Astro had switched to Astro Beyond so i am watching tv all day, like 12hours or until i felt bored. The only channel that i've watched is channel 393 D'ONEhd. I am being addict to Korean drama already, it's so obvious now.sigh-.-

Alright, don't want to talk much. One week had passed when i officially turned to 21years and i only have a time to write about it now. Everybody must be glad to finally turn 21years coz it's giving so many means to ourself. Freedom is one of them, you'll free to do what you really want to do (without ask permission from our parent). Coz me myself really feel that i am finally free to do anything, make decision by own, and go anywhere. Of course we can't do that before 21years. But the reality is, we still have to care about our parent, we still can't do anything randomly.

But i am glad that i have parent that is really taking care of me until i've become like what i am right now. I am really thankful to them coz no matter what they're still support me and giving me courage and whatever i want.
Thought bout this really push me to work hard and get a better job so that i can pay them later.

I also glad coz i still can celebrate my birthday this year with my family, friend and lover. Again, my boyfriend sponsored all the birthday celebration. I felt guilty coz i didn't do anything during his birthday but "dear wait till i get a job then i belanja u makan banyak-banyak until u have buruyut."And the present you gave to me was unexpected. A big thank you dear. Seriously, i'll keep my promise to belanja u makan.
Below are all  pictures taken during my birthday, it was so simple but it's really meaningful, full of joy and of course memorable.
Warning; lots of photo, loading will be so slow.
let's the photo do tell the stories.

My adorable niece, she really know how to make you smile and laugh. Very friendly to everyone.
Untie miss you baby.

Party bday is incomplete without bbq.
le bf played piano. amatur, opps!

le brother oso amatur but still kc hidup suasana.


Birthday cake, fruit cocktail. haven't tasted my own bday cake. sigh

le mom

le sister

le dad

le third brother

le friend

"if i was ur girlfriend, never let you go" - remix boyfriend by jb.

the end.

I am so excited to finally turned 21 years but i know that i still have a long journey to through. And age is just a number orang bilang, belum tua lg tapi baru permulaan hidup sebenar.

Today is 29 august, that means 1week and half to go before new semester is begin. I can't wait but in the same time i also worried about where i am going to stay next sem. sigh sigh sighhhhh! If anyone got information about apartment/room for rent in area near ums please let me know. thanks, but make sure it is  cheap one. thank u.
till then ^^

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makin tua tapi tu hati makin muda lagi tu.. haha